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I actually an artist myself, I painted and drew my way through

Last updated on 18 Haziran 2019

It seems that unless I playing “good” characters then people will bitch. And even if you are playing the top tiers then people will bitch when you abuse the matchup tools. It seems like no one wants to learn matchups anymore. Slavery and the Holocaust weren “white people fault”. The Arab empire was involved in the slave trade before Europeans were, and even before that, black tribes were enslaving members of other black tribes. Slavery was ultimately ended by white people though.

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Having problems with the new beta for TEdit working. I posted about it in the issues forum but haven got a response yet wondering if anyone here knows a solution. The program does open, and I can load a world and view its properties on the side bar, but the window where you can edit things is completely blank and clicking on it with any tool instantly crashes the program with the message “An unhandled exception occured.” Every version of the new beta for 1.3 does this.

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